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Police Command Apologizes for Abusing Journalists

MOGADISHU(SD) – Somali Police Command addressed on journalists tortured by Police in Mogadishu while they were filming last night attacks on Kahda Police Station.

A police spokesman expressed that the police forces in the district and him are distraught by the attacks against the journalists who serve the country.

He also added that few of the officers implicated with the attack have been arrested and mentioned that the Commander of the Police Force demanded the arrest of the rest of the offending officers.

This morning, freelance journalists were harassed and pestered at the scene of last night’s attack in Mogadishu, and pictures and video footage exhibited the journalists blindfolded, face down on the ground.

Some of the credited and identifiable journalists reported to the media today, that they had been subjected to torture and intimidation, and few of them appeared to be tormented.

Somalia is one of the worst countries in the world to be a journalist, targeted by governmental authorities and militant groups.

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