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New MPs elected in Barawe

BARAWE-Barawe, the capital of the southwestern state of Somalia, has today held the elections of 8 out of 13 parliamentary seats taking place in that town.

Mohamud Ahmed Mohamed secured the Hop-045 seat in the BFS House with 90 votes, whereas his opponent Yusuf Mohamed Abdullahi collected 8 votes.

Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed obtained the Hop-145 seat in the parliament receiving 76 votes, where his competitor, Abdullahi Ahmed Abdi earnt 12 votes.

Hop # 145 seat was previously occupied by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Abduweli Ibrahim Mudey who was disqualified from the seat.

Mohamed Osman Omar acquired the Hop-162 seat in the parliament with 74 votes, while the other contestant for the seat, Mohamed Talib Hassan, received 17 votes.

Calwiya Siid Abdullahi won the Hop-148 seat in the parliament with 88 votes, and her rival Sadiyo Mohamed Abdulkadir obtained 10 votes.

Suhur Haji Ulusow won the Hop-256 seat with 87 votes, whereas her opponent Jiijo Ahmed Ikow received 12 votes.

Ali Sheikh Mohamed Nur recouped the Hop-143 seat, receiving 90 votes where his contender Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdullahi received 11 votes.

Isaq Mohamed Mohamud has also regained his seat the Hop-163, receiving 86 votes, while his competitor Abdullahi Osman Ibrahim received 10 votes.

The election of the remaining 6 seats in the city of Barawe is confirmed to conclude tomorrow.

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