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Police launch investigation into Mo Farah claims

LONDON (SD) – The documentary “The Real Mo Farah” about the life of four time Olympic winner claiming to have been smuggled into Britain debuted in the UK last night.

Police, who initially said they were “assessing” Mo Farah’s claims, have now said they are investigating the matter.

“We are aware of reports in the media concerning Sir Mo Farah. No reports have been made to the MPS at this time. Specialist officers have opened an investigation and are currently assessing the available information.” The Metropolitan police spokesperson said.

In the documentary released last night, Mo Farah said he had been taken to the UK at the age of nine and his real name was Hussein Abdi Kahin.

“Most people know me as Mo Farah, but it’s not my name or it’s not the reality. The real story is I was born in Somaliland, north of Somalia, as Hussein Abdi Kahin. Despite what I’ve said in the past, my parents never lived in the UK.” he said in the documentary.

The U Home Office spokesperson confirmed Mo Farah would not face any repercussions following the documentary. “No action whatsoever will be taken against Sir Mo and to suggest otherwise is wrong,” the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, experts are saying that the couple accused of illegally transporting Mo Farah to the UK, using the name of another child, could face an investigation by Scotland Yard police.

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