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Puntland offers reward for escaped Al Shabaab prisoners

GALKAYO (SD) Reports from Mudug region in Puntland state of Somalia say that Al Shabaab prisoners escaped from a jail in Galkayo last night.

The escaped inmates reportedly numbered up to seven, Prison guards chased the inmates, killing one inmate and capturing three others, one of whom was wounded.

Puntland security forces are searching for three other Al Shabaab prisoners who were sentenced to death by a Puntland military court.

The Mudug regional police command in Puntland released the names of the three fugitives and asked the public to report any sightings and will be offered a reward of up to $ 2,000.

Police say the men who escaped were Hassan Isaq Mohamed, Mohamed Ali Mohamed (Istakin) and Liban Isse Ali (Madaxkariye), and police have asked people to share information with the men.

The detainees, who escaped from a jail in Galkayo, have previously been sentenced to death by firing squad for alleged killings and bombings in North Galkayo.

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