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President Ali Mahdi Mohamed dies of Covid-19

Nairobi (SD) – Former Somali President Ali Mahdi Mohamed has died in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Reports say Ali Mahdi Mohamed has been ill for the last few days in a hospital Kenyan capital, having been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Ali Mahdi was part of a group of Somali scholars and elders who joined the Manifesto group and demanded the resignation of then incumbent President Mohamed Siad Barre before the country collapsed in 1991.

After the overthrow of Mohamed Siad Barre, Ali Mahdi Mohamed leading the USC (United Somali Congress) taking control of Mogadishu and other parts of the country, electing him as the fourth President of Somalia, on 28 January 1991.

Ali Mahdi’s appointment was opposed by one of the leaders of the USC, General Mohamed Farah Aided, which led to a civil war in the country.

Ali Mahdi Mohamed lived in Mogadishu ever since then, and was not involved in politics, except for a number of political suggestions to the successive government and Somalis in general.

He was also one of the elders and intellectuals who were heavily campaigning for the establishment a Benadir regional state, so that the people of that region can get the representation they deserve.

“May God have mercy on President Ali Mahdi, he has played a key role in governing the country. We remember his commitment to the restoration of Somali government through his tireless efforts, ”said President Farmajo.

The president said the flag of the republic would be lowered for three days to show the nation’s grief over the death of the former president.

“I ask God to make Jannatul Fardowsa his home, and to give patience and faith to his family and the Somali government in general.” Said president Farmajo.

President Farmajo also said that a national funeral committee will be appointed to honor the deceased, for his ‘contribution to the country and the people of Somalia.’

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