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Puntland: Bossaso district commissioner resigns

Bossaso (SD) – Mayor of Bossaso Abdisalan Bashir Abdisalan has tonight announced his resignation from the post of chairman of Bossaso district council, following president Deni suspending him.

A decree issued by President Deni last night suspended the Chairman over allegations of a lack of proper economic governance in the district.

The Puntland President’s decree instructed the Auditor General to conduct a thorough investigation into the administration of Bossaso District.

Abdisalam Bashir Abdisalam, who spoke to the media in Bossaso, said he had decided to step down after Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni suspended him last night.

He said he made the decision after recognizing the importance of facilitating work in Bossaso and leaving a positive impression on co-operation with the government led by President Deni.

The First Deputy District Commissioner of Bossaso District has been instructed to continue the work.

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