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President Bihi “110,000 families in need of emergency assistance”

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi says nomads in Somaliland are facing severe drought, sounding the alarm.

The president said more than a hundred thousand pastoralist families are in urgent need of assistance.

“More than 110,000 families are in need of emergency assistance today and not in the coming days. They need immediate assistance,” he said.

The president added “70% of our nomadic people need water because our reservoirs are dry,” he added.

The president of Somaliland, said that they have been trucking water for nomads for 45 days straight.

“As a government, we have been working for 45 days and we have invested $ 220,000 in water,” said the president.

The president also said there are fears that the rainy season could be delayed and that this could lead to increased demand.

The president called on Somaliland business community to take part in all the efforts to help Somaliland’s pastoralists.

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