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President Bihi blasts OCHA, Puntland and the Feds over Las Anod evictions

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, spoke for the first time about the people Somaliland evicted out of Las Anod, has strongly criticized the United Nations, and the Puntland administration.

Muse Bihi accused the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of misrepresenting his administration’s actions.

“I would like to address the UN’s OCHA, who spent a lot of time on this, I don’t believe they’ve ever done anything for these people, these people came here empty-handed from Baidoa and even further away 30 years ago, and not even for one day they (OCHA) did not give them a glass of water, they did not give them a bag, one day they did not give them Malaria medicine”. Said President Bihi.

Meanwhile, Muse Bihi gave a scathing response to the Puntland State of Somalia, which welcomed the victims of the people evicted from Las Anod and also strongly condemned Federal Government.

“The other regions that are talking about welcoming these people, I say these people have been here for 30 years and not a single person has been killed in Somaliland and not a single person has been oppressed and their property looted. In Puntland, where they were beating the drums loudly, in one day, they arrested 17 children, all younger then 20 years, and sentenced them to death, and today they are saying we welcome you.” Said President Bihi.

President Muse Bihi said he would not bother addressing Mogadishu, citing the fact that Mogadishu is a place where human blood is shed every day.

“In Mogadishu, the majority of those killed are from the South West.” said Muse Bihi who made the remarks at the 37th anniversary of the SNM Martyrs’ Day.

Finally, the President said that the deportations were exaggerated and argued that they had been evacuated in a good and humane manner, and that they had spent a lot of money on the evacuations.

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