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President Bihi indirectly address Reports about his Health

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi addressed the media in Hargeisa today, indirectly addressing rumors of his health concerns.

President Bihi, in response to the reports circulated about his health, made a surprise visit to the Somaliland Ministry of Health Development and briefed the nation on issues like COVID-19, Freedom of the press and international aid donations.

President Bihi congratulated the press on the occasion of the international Press freedom, but fell short in address any of the concerns the press has with his regime.

The President also unveiled a WHO donated Covid-19 testing Lab, which will help the Government better track the coronavirus spread in the country.

The president addressed Turkish aid, calling it insignificant comparing it to the aid that country gave neighboring Somalia “ that is Turkey propagative, we will remember their contribution as a political” said Mr. Bihi.

The president also mentioned the expected aid from Qatar, yet another Somalia ally saying “the Qataris are expected to donate aid to both us and Somalia, we will see what comes of it”.

The president also criticized Dr. Gabose, who in recent days advised the president on COVID-19 mitigation efforts, saying simply the Doctor needs to take his own advise and practice social distancing, while the president himself was the only one not wearing a mask today.

Political insiders in Somaliland see the president’s appearance at COVID-19 briefing as a politically motivated move, as he didn’t share any new information with the public.

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