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President Bihi yet to receive the Chinese ambassador

Hargeisa (SD) – Chinese Ambassador to Somalia Qin Jian, who has been in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland for the past two days, has not yet met with President Bihi.

Ambassador Jian, arrived in Hargeisa on Saturday to discuss the Somaliland government’s new relationship with Taiwan, which his government strongly condemned.

However, Ambassador Jian is yet to meet President Bihi, however, the ambassador met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

It is not clear why the ambassador could not see President Bihi, but it is understood that the Chinese government wants Somaliland to reconsider the new relationship with Taiwan.

The Chinese government has strongly opposed and condemned the diplomatic relations between Somaliland and Taiwan, which exchanged representatives. Taiwan’s envoy to Somaliland is in Hargeisa, and Somaliland’s envoy is expected to leave for Taiwan soon.

Hargeisa has this week hosted two rival diplomats from China and Taiwan.

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