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President Bihi’s criticism of the international community and Mogadishu seen as projection

Hargeisa (SD) – In a recent speech at the closing ceremony of the 4th Kulmiye conference, Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi criticized the international community for ignoring the aspirations of the people of Somaliland, who he said were entitled to independence after 30-year commitment to peace and democracy.

“Somaliland and the KULMIYE conference are sending a message to the international community that we, the Somaliland people, are deeply saddened by the 30 years of building their country and restoring peace and economic, intellectual and other development, they have held democratic elections and handed over power to rival parties they have resolved their differences without any interference, we say you should not turn a blind eye and we should recognize Somaliland,” said President Muse Bihi Abdi.

The President of Somaliland made the comment while himself continuously ignoring the concerns of the people of Somaliland, in their 30 year quest for a just government that will distribute national wealth equally.

The president of Somaliland also criticized the government of Mogadishu today for violating Somaliland’s sovereignty, as Somaliland parliamentarians are participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The president while chairing a council meeting today warned Somaliland citizens against trying to participate in what they said was a fake representation.

“The citizens of Somaliland who try to take part in the fraudulent representation in Mogadishu have violated the decision of the two houses, violated the laws and regulations of the country, and will be punished accordingly.” The cabinet said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that in the eastern and western parts of Somaliland are currently disillusioned with the distribution of seats in the Somaliland parliament and in the cabinet, while the distribution of power in the Somali parliament seems to be just.

Furthermore, quotas for women and marginalized communities are left out in the country’s upcoming election laws.

The president of Somaliland is to first resolve the grievances of the Somaliland people before accusing others of wrongdoing and injustice.

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