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Somali, AMISOM Forces Strengthen Military Operations in Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali National Army (SNA) and African Union Mission in the peace mission has agreed on a large-scale operation against al-Shabab.

The new AMISOM Force Commander Diomede Ndegeya and Somali Infantry Commander Abbas Amin Ali have agreed to step up the fight against al-Shabaab, as well as expand co-operation between both AMISOM and government forces.

“the mission is taking a new direction as we get to the end stage and prepare the transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali security forces. The reconfiguration will enable us to maintain operational effectiveness, conduct offensives, and respond to threats in our Area of responsibility.” said Lt. Gen. Ndegeya.

Mr. Ndegeya and Commander Abbas Amin agreed to set up a special unit to carry out this task, which, according to the statement, was seen as of particular importance.

Somalia’s armed forces commander Abas Ali Amin agreed essentially to build a cell coordinates looga operations against the insurgents.

“We hope that our collaboration continues and succeeds against the enemy (Al-Shabaab) and liberating the remaining territories,” said Brig. Gen. Abas.

Somali government and AMISOM forces are battling al-Shabaab, and result of these bloody encounters, have taken control of many areas in southern Somalia previously controlled by al-Shabaab.

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