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President Deni announces Puntland’s Upper House candidates

Garowe (SD) – Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni has released the list of candidates vying for Puntland’s 11 seats in Somalia’s Upper House.

President Deni nominated a list of candidates, most of whom are new, excluding former Puntland members of the Upper House.

Puntland becomes the third regional administration to announce their list of candidates, after Jubaland and Southwest, which held elections for some seats.

The names of the 22 candidates vying for Puntland’s 11 seats in the Upper House are:

1- Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Faroole) and Mohamed Osman Olad
2- Mohamed Ali Yusuf (Gaagaab) and Kawsar Abdullahi Hirsi
3- Mohamed Abdi Osman (Majino) and Mohamed Gedi Mohamud
4- Abdullahi Ali Hersi (Timaade) and Abdullahi Mohamed Hashi Nur
5- Abdisamad Yusuf Mohamed (Poet) and Ismail Mire Mumin
6- Dahir Ayanle Said and Mohamed Omar Mohamed
7- Farhan Ali Hussein and Hodan Ishaq Mohamed
8- Zeinab Ismail Mohamed and Amina Jama Ibrahim
9- Abdiqani Guelleh Mohamed and Abdikadir Mohamed Yusuf
10- Samiro Mohamud Haji Awad and Naima Ahmed Bakar
11- Sareedo Mohamed Hassan and Fartun Yusuf Jama

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