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Somali runners create buzz in international media

Tokyo (SD) – International media outlets have been talking about Runner Abdi Nageye’s encouragement to Bashir Abdi during the long distance race in Tokyo, Japan.

Reuters reported that “Abdi Nageye’s friendship has taken precedence over everything as Bashir Abdi has called on him not to give up so that he can take the lead”.

Reuters headlined the story of the two Somali runners, “Olympics-Athletics-Friendship first as Nageeye waves Abdi over marathon finish”.

“In the last 800 metres I wanted to go, but I thought about Bashir and I was like, let him come close,” Nageeye told Reuters.

“So I was trying to help him and he had a cramp. And then I still waited for him and when he came next to me I thought, OK, now I want to make sure.

Somalis have also been talking about the Somali runners competing for the Netherlands and Belgium on social media.

Abdi Nageeye, representing the Netherlands, was seen waving to Bashir Abdi as they ran.

“We are two Somali boys. If he was ahead of me today or i was in the past, it does not matter to us. It is an encouragement. As Somalis, we encourage each other wherever we are,” said Bashir Abdi. Reporting to the BBC.

“Come on, we have a little bit left. Look in front of you. He kept saying to me and it was encouraging.” Bashir Abdi said.

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge won the competition, followed by Abdi Nageye and Bashir Abdi of Belgium.

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