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President Deni doubles down on holding one-person-one-vote in Puntland

Garowe (SD) -Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni gave a speech today in which he discussed Puntland’s current situation and the recent elections held in 30 districts.

Said Abdullahi Deni stated that he once again intends to serve a constitutionally limited term, thus emphasizing that one-person one-vote elections should be held with the participation of eight political parties and with the election of 66 Members of Parliament.

He further explained that both the presidential and vice-presidential elections will be based on one-person-one-vote, during his current term in office.

The President also noted that the Puntland Electoral Commission (PEC) will determine the election schedule. Opponents argue that President Deni is working on extending his term.

Opposition groups have issued a press release today, stating that they do not recognize the PEC and the legal changes in the constitution, and they warn that they will hold President Deni accountable for any deviations from the law.

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