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Federal leaders host SSC-Khatumo leader at Villa Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) -Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, accompanied by Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre, today received the leader of SSC Khatumo, Abdikadir Ahmed Firdiye, at the presidential palace.

The Federal President heard a briefing on the overall situation in the regions of SSC Khatumo from Leader Firdiye.

The SSC-Khatumo Leader Abdikadir Firdiye shared with the federal government officials his concerns about the residents in these regions and the challenges that have arisen as a result of the prolonged conflict in the city of Las Anod.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emphasized the need for the communities living in the SSC Khatumo regions to work towards peace, reconciliation, and stability.

During his stay in Mogadishu, The SSC-Khatumo’s leader succeeded in elevating the status of his administration and met with high-ranking officials from the federal government and representatives of the various international diplomats residing in Mogadishu.

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