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President Deni open for a dialogue on elections with the opposition

GAROWE (SD) -The President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, has stated that he is ready to engage in political dialogue with opposition politicians who are critical of the regional electoral process.

President Deni stated that he is not opposed to a comprehensive discussion on the election process, to avoid bloodshed. He emphasized that he is open to facilitating the dialogue if it contributes to a solution.

Additionally, President Deni mentioned that he has extended an amnesty to General Jimale, the former commander of the Danab forces, who had been engaged in clashes in the city of Garowe in June of this year.

“Whatever military actions have taken place, I call on the government to initiate an amnesty, especially for General Jimale, who is a significant figure. I also send a call to the political figures of the government, who currently have different opinions. It is wise and legally justified for us to engage in dialogue.” said President Deni.

While President Deni expressed his readiness for dialogue, he clarified that he would not compromise on the integrity of the electoral process, insisting on free and fair elections.

On the other hand, some opposition politicians interpreted President Deni’s statement as a mere public relations gesture, stating that he is still holding onto his entrenched position and ignoring the concerns of the opposition.

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