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Somalia: Feds hold consultations on two-party system

MOGADISHO (SD) -Today, the Federal Government of Somalia has taken a significant step in implementing an agreement by the National Consultative Forum back in May, on the country’s political system.

The government held a meeting in the city of Mogadishu aimed at discussing the implementation of the electoral process and the governance structure of the Federal Republic of Somalia, as outlined in the agreement.

The meeting involved representatives from various levels of the government, political parties, and civil society, all of whom are expected to contribute to shaping the issues related to the upcoming elections.

The agreement of the National Consultative Forum includes the establishment of only two political parties in the country, and it seeks to change the current parliamentary system in Somalia.

The President has expressed a strong commitment to the realization of this agreement, calling for the establishment of two national parties and the removal of the prime ministerial system.

Opposition politicians and former leaders of the country are also critical of the government’s election plan, which the government aims to seek parliamentary approval.

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