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President Hassan blames Al Shabab for clan violence

MOGADISHU (SD)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has stated that Al-Shabaab is instigating clan conflicts in certain regions of the country to create animosity and fuel disputes among them.

The President mentioned that Al-Shabaab’s actions aim to disrupt the second phase of the operations to liberate areas under their control, which the government is vigorously preparing for.

“This is part of the terrorists’ plan to divide our people so that we turn away from liberating the country. That will not happen. We will secure our country and expel the extremists,” said President Hassan Sheikh.

The President commended the efforts of the regional administrations and traditional elders in resolving clan conflicts.

He noted that the Federal Government is making strong efforts to bring peace to the country.

The President’s statement comes as Al-Shabaab continues activities aimed at reclaiming areas previously liberated from them. Last Friday, Al-Shabaab claimed to have taken control of Goof Gaduud Buureey, a location 30 km from Baidoa, following a surprise attack.

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