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President Hassan discusses fight against Al Shabaab with Lloyd Austin

Djibouti September 24, 2023(SD) – The President of Somalia’s federal government, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who was on an unannounced trip to Djibouti, held a high-level meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

During the meeting in Djibouti, the President of Somalia and the U.S. Secretary of Defense discussed the collaboration between the two countries in the fight against extremist groups.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin praised the Somali government’s achievements in the fight against Al-Shabaab and reiterated the United States’ commitment to assisting Somalia in its battle against the extremist group.

The United States has been a strong supporter of the Somali military in its efforts against Al-Shabaab, providing substantial military aid and conducting airstrikes against the group. The airstrikes have targeted key leaders and members of Al-Shabaab, contributing to the weakening of the group’s capabilities.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s visit to Djibouti marked his first foreign trip since he announced the second face of military operations against Al-Shabaab and established a command center in the city of Dhusamareb.

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