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Somaliland asks Museveni to help reunite Somalia and Somaliland

Entebbe September 23, 2023 (SD) – Uganda announced on Saturday that it will mediate between the Somali government and the administration of Somaliland in order to facilitate reunification, following their separation over three decades ago.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has agreed to take on the role of mediator after a meeting last Monday with the Special Envoy of Somaliland, Jama Muse Jama, as stated in a press release from the Ugandan presidency.

Dr. Jama reportedly told President Museveni that there is a dire need for Somalia and Somaliland to reunite because they are missing out on a lot of developmental programs.

Dr. Jama also requested the President to take the lead in reuniting the two countries because of his influential role in Somalia.

Furthermore, he expressed the need for Uganda to partner with Somaliland in trading, saying that Ugandan investors should start supplying goods to Somaliland and also buy from them the goods they do not have.

“The President of Uganda, Museveni, has accepted to be the mediator for the reunification of Somaliland and Somalia,” the statement said.

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but has not received international recognition as a sovereign state. It has largely enjoyed peace and stability while Somalia has experienced protracted conflict. “We don’t support secessionism because, for us, it’s a mistake,” Museveni said in the press statement.

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