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President Hassan: Ethiopia is undermining regional cooperation

-President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who opened the East African Community Civil Society Consultation Conference today, stated that the Somali people and government are committed to good neighborliness and strengthening regional cooperation in line with shared interests.

The President emphasized that the Somali government is dedicated to promoting investment and ensuring that governments legally share existing opportunities. He underlined that the Ethiopian government’s desire for a portion of Somalia’s waters undermines regional cooperation and exchange between governments, as well as peace and stability in the region.

The conference, attended by members of the Council of Ministers, economic experts, ambassadors, and representatives from the country’s universities, presented Somalia’s plan for the East African Community, particularly the opportunities available for entrepreneurs and civil society.

Experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of ways to improve business and social relations between Somalia and other East African Community member countries.

In his speech, the President stressed the importance of cooperation and unity to develop the country’s economy and create sustainable employment opportunities.

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