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James Swan updates UNSC on Somalia

NY (SD)-While briefing the United Nations Security Council on the situation in Somalia today, the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations, James Swan, noted that “Somalia continues to address key national priorities, including the constitutional review process and the fight against Al-Shabaab.”

The next phase of the constitutional review will address complex issues such as power and resource sharing under Somalia’s federal structure, Mr. Swan told the Security Council.

Regarding the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland, Mr. James Swan told the UN Security Council that Somalia’s territorial integrity and unity are inviolable.

The Acting Special Representative of the UN, James Swan, informed the Security Council that security remains the top priority for the Somali government. As the Federal Government of Somalia and the African Union discuss security planning post-2024, he called on “all friends of Somalia to invest in the anticipated operation.”

Speaking on women’s issues in Somalia, Mr. Swan emphasized the inclusion of a women’s quota law to ensure their formal representation. He told the Security Council that the UN will continue “to engage with the federal government and member states on the importance of increasing and enhancing women’s participation in politics.”

“The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains dire,” Mr. Swan said, adding that climate change, insecurity, and disease outbreaks have exacerbated humanitarian needs. “The 2024 Humanitarian Response Plan for Somalia requires USD 1.6 billion, but only 22 percent has been secured so far. I urge international partners to provide the necessary funding.”

The Acting Special Representative of the UN, James Swan, also discussed the transition process of UNSOM to the UN Office, noting that planning for these matters has begun. “While still in the early stages, the discussions so far have been positive and constructive,” Mr. Swan said.

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