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President Hassan: no dialogue with Addis until withdrawal from MoU with Bihi

MOGADISHU (SD) – President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, stated that Ethiopia’s aspiration regarding Somalia’s waters is an unacceptable encroachment that cannot be tolerated, but he emphasized a willingness to engage in dialogue if the Addis Ababa government withdraws from the agreement it made with Muse Bihi.

“If Ethiopia reverses its mistake today, we can talk tomorrow, we cannot talk otherwise, if it does not reverse its mistake, there will be no dialogue,” said the president.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed concern about Ethiopia’s encroachment, stating that both countries share common interests but do not agree on everything.

He noted Somalia’s history of facing many challenges, including losing land and people, and expressed unwillingness to accept further divisions.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also noted that the Ethiopian people are not enemies, but their government’s aggressive stance deviates from the principles of cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

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