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President Hassan: Turkish Aid has no strings attached

MOGADISHU (SD)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, praised the Turkish government for its aid to Somalia, describing it as aid given without ulterior motives.

President Mohamud noted that Turkey is the only country that has provided visible support to Somalia. He emphasized that this support does not have hidden agendas aimed at undermining the country’s unity.

“Many forms of aid come with strings attached, always pulling in different directions, but Turkish aid comes with honor and dignity. No hidden strings or specific interests are aiming to manipulate our diplomacy or sovereignty,” said the President.

President Hassan Sheikh also mentioned that the weapons recently showcased during the celebration of July 1st were part of Turkey’s support.

The President highlighted this during the recent graduation ceremony of the 6th batch of Somali National Army officers trained at the Turkish Military Academy.

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