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Al Shabab attacks three military bases in Bay region

BAIDOA (SD)-Additional details are emerging about a battle that took place early this morning in the area of Gofgadud Burey, located in the Bay region of the South West State of Somalia.

The conflict ensued after members of the Al-Shabaab militant group launched a strong attack on three bases held by Somali government forces and South West State forces in Gofgadud Burey.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing heavy gunfire exchanged between the two sides, with the fighting occurring intensely within the area.

Security officials from South West State claimed they successfully repelled the attack from Al-Shabaab, inflicting casualties on the militants. However, Al-Shabaab, in their statement, claimed to have taken control of the bases and the entire area of Goofgaduud Buureey.

The latest reports indicate that reinforcements are heading towards Gofgadud Burey from the city of Baidoa, the capital of the Bay region, to provide support and defense.

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