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President Mustafe Agjar: Jail Ogaden Victims Must Get Justice

Jigjiga (SD) – The Ethiopian Somali Regional State President, Mustafe Mohamud Omar, has invited some of the victims of Jail Ogaden, where they got tortured.

The victims gave details of their experiences in Jail Ogaden, the difficulties in stablishing a normal life and not yet getting justice.

President Mustafe, who spoke to the victims acknowledged his governments short comings but said the government would support them in all areas, including providing health care and to bringing the perpetrators to justice.

President Mustafe Omar said that a fundraising event will be held for the victims in Jigjiga soon, the countries top political and business leaders will attend the fundraiser.

On the other hand, the president said that the top leadership of the ONLF are not open to hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes against these victims, as the victims were accused of being their supporters.

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