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Kenya gets creative in Transporting Kat to Kismayo

Kismayo (SD) – Following the Somali federal government’s ban on flights to the country, the Kenyan government used a different method in transporting Kat to Kismayo, According to local lawmakers.

Kenya has reportedly imported Kat and smuggled loads Kat into the port of, which many have described as a violation of Somali sovereignty.

However, the Somali government has not issued an order banning boats, or specifically targeting Kat, so it is unclear whether Kenya has broken the law.

The Kat growers in Kenya were to face huge financial hardships if the ban would effect the Kat trade.

Kat or its technical name Catha edulis (Forskal) is a mild drug chewed in east Africa and certain parts of Arabia.

The Somali government recently announced the cancellation of foreign flights to the country after Covid-19 cases were reported in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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