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President Mustafe Unveils A Covid-19 Laboratory

Jigjiga (SD) – The president of the Somali region of Ethiopia Mustafe Agjar has opened a new Covid 19 testing lab on Saturday.

The opening ceremony was attended by top local authorities, the Jigjiga University administration and other officials.

According to Jigjiga University authorities, the laboratory can conduct 240 samples a day, allowing the tests to be conducted in Jigjiga rather then sending them to Addis Ababa.

The Covid 19 lab is coming to the regional state at a much-needed time as the virus is spreading to the Horn African country.

The total laboratory tests conducted within twenty-four hours are 345; of this four of them are confirmed positive for COVID-19 making the total number of cases 69. Additionally, 6 people recovered from the virus making the total number of recoveries 10.

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