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Puntland Warns Against Federal Government Using Covid-19 in Delaying Elections

Garowe (SD) – Puntland’s Interior Minister Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad said Puntland is against Somalia’s elections in 2021 be delayed for any reason.

The regional interior minister said Coronavirus should not be used as an excuse by the federal government to extend its mandate, adding it could lead to further political conflicts.

‘Puntland’s vision for the 2020/2021 elections is we must be prepared to hold the election, there can never be a delay in the election,” said Puntland’s Interior Minister.

The Minister said that Puntland believes that while fighting the disease, elections could be held in the country, adding if holding the elections becomes difficult, it is important to come together and discuss the status of the election.

“We warn the Somali Federal leaders to decide the fate of the Somali people on their own, and if they do it will just lead to more divisions.” Said Mr. Dhabancad.

The Somali Federal Government is rumoured to be planning an extension on their mandate taking advantage of the epidemic situation in the country.

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