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President Riyale: Bihi Should handle the political and public conflicts responsibly

Hargeisa Feb 01, 2023 (SD) – Former President of Somaliland Dahir Riyale Kaahin spoke about the situation in Laascaanood, saying that efforts should be made to resolve the situation there.

In a released statement, the Former President of Somaliland added that the current government in Somaliland was not responsibly handling the conflict.

He stated that the people of Laascaanood were part of the decision-making process and a solution should be found through dialogue, not through labeling the citizens of Sool as terrorists.

He suggested that the government led by President Muse Biixi handle the political and public conflicts within Somaliland responsibly and with caution, avoiding harm and distress to the people.

Recently, the President of Somaliland accused a terrorist group of being behind the unrest in the city of Laascaanood and stated that the Somaliland military will not leave the SSC territories.

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