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Speech of the President of the Republic of Somaliland on the situation in Sool

Hargeisa Feb 01, 2023 (SD) – The President of the Republic of Somaliland has commented on the situation in the Sool region of Laascaanood, saying that the country is peaceful and that the situation in Laascaanood has been created by international terrorists, which aimed to create conflict between the people of Sool and the government.

The President said, “Our country is generally peaceful, but there is a problem in the Sool region, particularly in Laascaanood. The people of Sool, who are the historic leaders of Somaliland, both historically and today, are being affected by the problem. We wonder what is causing this problem. I want to make it clear here and inform the world that the problem in Laascaanood is caused by international terrorism. The young people and those who are currently protesting are not motivated by a desire to harm the Republic of Somaliland or its people. Rather, their ears have been filled by the international terrorists who have caused the greatest harm in the past ten years by killing 40 of Somaliland’s prominent leaders and supporters of the government. The terrorists had a long-term strategy to cause chaos in the country and region. They created animosity, aiming to destroy the government and administration in the country as much as they could over time. The terrorists followed this plan and implemented it step by step. We have often heard of the term Khawarij, which means the split of the companions. A similar situation is happening in Laascaanood, where a large number of people, who are not different from the rest of the Somaliland people, are creating this split. They are people who want peace and prosperity and have been living this way since their ancestors.”

The President of the Republic of Somaliland also stated that he expects peace and prosperity from the traditional leaders’ conference being held in Laascaanood. He believes that the conference, attended by religious and intelligent people, will always result in peace, unity and prevent conflict. He expects the conference in Laascaanood to be no different and that the gathered leaders and intellectuals will produce outcomes that are in the best interest of the country and its people, and not bring any harm.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland has stated that he expects good results and peace from the meeting of clan leaders in Laascaanood. He believes that the meeting, like all previous clan gatherings, will result in peace, unity and the prevention of conflict. The government is ready to engage in any discussions and to resolve any issues present in Laascaanood in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland said that he hoped the meeting of the leaders in the city of Laascaanood with the expectation of peace and stability. He said that the meeting of the leaders in Laascaanood is always attended by people who care about peace, unity, and the prevention of conflicts, and he believes that the leaders and elders who attend the meeting in Laascaanood will bring about what is best for the country and its people.

The President also stated that the government is ready to engage in dialogue and resolve any issue in Laascaanood peacefully. He said that the government, with its leaders present, is ready to discuss any problem and resolve it peacefully and equitably, with everyone having a chance to express their opinions.

The President emphasized that he does not accept anyone who spreads conflict and violence and stated that those who are responsible for the killings in Laascaanood will be presented in a public venue. He called on people to replace the current violence with peace, to bring stability back to the city, and to allow children to attend school and have access to healthcare facilities. He also said that there is no reason for the ongoing violence and that they must work together to bring peace to the area.

President Muse Biixi Cabdi of the Republic of Somaliland praised the various forces of Somaliland for their role in maintaining peace in the situation in Laascaanood. “The call for the Somaliland forces to leave is a message from the militants who want to create chaos and disturbance, the army will protect against both militants and those who seek to harm Somaliland and will not leave Sool but will defend it. We conclude with a call for peace and we are ready to overcome the previous difficulties. I thank those who are working for peace and are working hard for this cause. The speaker of the House of Representatives returned yesterday and spoke here with good words, wisdom, and a way to work and to control everyone. We will work based on what we have discussed. I praise the forces of the Republic of Somaliland for showing that they are fighting the enemy and not the people of Somaliland. They have shown that the people of Sool are their own people and they are caring for them and can not allow any harm or damage to them.”

Translation: Finally, the President appealed to the people of Laascaanood to resolve their issues through dialogue, as the world resolves its problems through dialogue. He called for peace, brotherhood, and mutual understanding. “Regarding the issue of Laascaanood, I appeal for peace, dialogue, and brotherhood to resolve it. The reality is that the people of Somaliland are one nation, one goal, and one people, they cannot be separated. So, as the world resolves its difficulties, we will resolve ours through peace, tolerance, listening, and dialogue.”

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