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Presidential candidates call on Turkish ambassador to remain neutral on election issues

Mogadishu (SD) – The Union of Presidential Candidates have called on the Turkish Ambassador to Somalia to be neutral in matters related to the Somali elections, saying they regretted the Ambassador’s support and admiration for the disputed Federal Electoral Commission.

A statement from the Union of Presidential Candidates contradicted the Ambassador’s praise of the commission, and a statement from the international community, which indicated that the commission was one-sided and did not meet the terms of the agreement.

“The Turkish Ambassador’s congratulations to the Illegal Commission are contradictory and that his government is part of the international community communiqué issued on 15/12/2020 stating that the Commission is one-sided and does not meet the agreed criteria. ”The statement said.

Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Yilmaz met with the chairman of the disputed Federal Electoral Commission Mohamed Hassan Irro at the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu yesterday.

It is the second press release issued by the Union of Candidates in 24 hours regarding Turkey, with a statement in English yesterday calling on the Turks not to provide weapons to Haramcad forces.

The Union of Candidates thanked the Turkish government for its continued support to the people of Somalia.

The upcoming Somalia election has been overshadowed by a series of disputes between the federal government, the opposition candidates and some of the leaders of the country, making timely elections impossible.

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