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Prime Minister Kheyre returns the internally displaced to Herale

Herale(SD)-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Ali Kheyre arrived in the town of Herale in Galgadud region to ensure the implementation of the peace agreement the night before the Hurshe and Herale.

The Prime Minister’s trip included MPs from both Houses and part of the community who had been displaced from Hurshe due to the conflict in Herale. The Harele community has welcomed the Prime Minister’s delegation including their relatives who have left their homes in conflict.

The war-torn and reunited society held a welcome celeberation in Herale today, together, they pledged to the Prime Minister to live together peacefully and to turn away from those causing further violence and violence.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre urges the parties who signed the peace agreement to enforce the terms of the agreement. and directed all government agencies involved the delivery of basic life services to Huurshey and Xerale in order for the community to recover from the effects of conflict.

Hassan Ali Khayre also directed international agencies to operate in the country to help Herale and Hirsi as soon as possible as to recover from the devastating effects of the bloody conflict.

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