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Prime Minister Roble briefs UN Security Council on Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – In a wide-ranging speech to the Security Council, Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said the electoral process was progressing well and the selected commissions started training.

“We are committed to upholding the 30% quota for women. The rules recently approved by parliament clearly state that the goal is to increase women’s representation to 50%.” Said Roble.

In terms of security, the Prime Minister said that the Armed Forces of the Federal Government of Somalia are making significant gains in the fight against terrorism.

In his speech to the security council, Prime Minister Roble also spoke about the progress made by the Somali government in the areas of economy and revenue collection, describing it as good progress.

Speaking on freedom of expression, the Prime Minister said the government recognizes the important role of the media in the nation-building process, adding that a media law has been passed, guaranteeing freedom of the press.

He added that the government has restructured media relations in key offices to provide journalists with information on the government’s plans and activities.

The Prime Minister also briefed the Security Council on the situation of COVID-19 in Somalia and the government’s efforts to address it.

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