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Prime Minister Roble disbands election commissions

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has today dismissed the Indirect Electoral Commissions, thanking them for their good performance.

Roble said in a statement that the seats previously suspended by the commission will be held by the Independent National Electoral Commission in accordance with the procedures for the election of members of both houses.

The move comes amid reports that the FIET is planning in lifting the suspension on HOP086 seat, which was won by Fahad Yassin, the former NISA director.

Talks have been going on for the past two days between members of the Commission and a delegation from Fahad Yassin, and Roble’s move to disband the commissions is a setback to efforts to secure Fahad Yassin’s seat.

On the other hand, a statement from the Federal Electoral Commission welcomed the move by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to disband the members of the Federal and State Electoral Commissions.

“The Committee thanks the Somali people and PM Roble and all electoral stakeholders for their positive support and encouragement during the elections.” FIET said.

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