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US Senate Approves Somaliland-USA Cooperation Bill

WASHINGTON (SD) – The United States Senate has recently unanimously approved the implementation of the Somaliland-US Cooperation Act, which was previously approved by the House of Representatives.

A session at the US Capitol Hill yesterday, members of the Senate unanimously approved the Somaliland-US Cooperation Act.

The 100-member US Senate approved the Somaliland Cooperation Act, a new law authorizing direct US cooperation with the Republic of Somaliland.

Senator Bob Mendez, who helped table the bill, refused to answer questions about the Cooperation Act adding that the council would explain the new Somaliland-US partnership agreement, though he did not provide further details.

The Senate decision follows a recent visit to Somaliland by AFRICOM Force Commanders and the US Ambassador to Mogadishu.

Somaliland united with Somalia a former Italian Colony in 1960 after gaining independence from Britain.

Somaliland regained its independence in 1991 after a civil war, but no country has yet recognized it.

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