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Prof Abdisalam throws shade at Zambian minister’s visit to Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Chairman of Somaliland’s consultation forum Prof. Abdisalan Yasin Mohamed has commented on the recent visit of the Zambian Minister of Justice to Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

Abdisalam Yassin Mohamed said the minister did not come through a formal diplomatic process, but his journey looked like that of a tourist visiting Somaliland, warning that such measures would undermine our government.

Similarly, the Professor also reflected how the agreement reached between Somaliland and Kenya late last year isn’t fully realised up to now.

“First off all, I only saw a man in the media who was welcomed by the government, and certainly not in accordance with Protocol, when a minister or delegation is to visit, it is announced in advance. A man said to be a minister just arriving on his own would just hurt our governance.” Said Prof Yasin.

The Professor added “Relationships are of two types, confidential and secretive between governments. The other is a visible and announced, this was neither, we found out as he landed, and saw a man walking around in a shirt, wearing jeans and sandals, we shouldn’t have been received him publicly”

He also said there were reports that the Zambian Justice Minister had come to the country for personal financial reasons.

Somaliland and Kenya have signed an agreement to open an embassy in Hargeisa in March, the professor asked why Kenya didn’t follow through.

“What happened to the embassy and businesses that would come here, the two sides were to share culture and sports, these are some of the things that bring countries together, So we don’t have any of these things, we don’t have a Kenyan Airways coming, we don’t have an Kenyan office in Hargeisa, “said Prof. Abdisalam Yasin Mohamed.

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