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Somali and Afar Ethiopian regions reach truce

Addis Ababa (SD) – The Presidents of Ethiopia’s Somali and Afar regional states held talks in Addis Ababa, following a land dispute this week.

The Federal Government of Ethiopia mediated an agreement between the two administrations, with the presence of the Ethiopian Minister of Peace, Ms. Muftiyar Kamil.

The Somali and Afar presidents agreed to end the conflict, and withdraw their forces from the tarmac road that links Awash and Djibouti for at least 10km each direction.

That the issue of the three towns of Grabaciise, Candhuuf Maan (Candhuftu) and Cadeeytu (Cadeeytu) will be resolved through a legal process and before that the national army will ensure the security of the people in those cities and would investigate yesterday’s attack and damage in Adeey (Cadaytu) and the recent clashes in general.

The two Presidents agreed to have no new settlements built in the conflict zone, and no forces will be deployed to the conflict zone.

And finally, the Ethiopian national security agencies to go to the conflict zones tomorrow and ensure the implementation of the agreed provisions.

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