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Prominent Transitional leader tells government to remove troops from Hiran

Beledweyne(SD)-A Somali traditional elder, Ugas Hassan Ugas Khalif, who held a press conference in Beledweyne, called on Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre to withdraw the 21st Division of the Somali National Army from the city.

“I was contacted by the Deputy Minister of Defense who asked me as to why we are against the deployment of troops to Dhusa Mareb, I told him we have nothing to do with it, but what we are against is young people who are not properly trained and do not even have military equipment to be shipped to Dhusamareb, And the elders have the right to oppose that, ”said Ugas Hassan.

Ugas Hassan, who spoke on the joint military plan, said that it is surprising that some civilians who were involved in clashes in parts of the Hiraan region, are now calling themselves Generals  and are leading the troops in this city, according to the statement.

It is unacceptable, said the Ugas,the president and the prime minister should remove the forces from Dhusamareb, If they don’t, then everyone gets what they deserve.” said Ugas Hassan.

The Ugas’s press conference comes as the city remains in conflict over the deployment of troops,  there have been ongoing meetings between military command of the 21st division and the Somali military command in the region in order to insure public safety and the implementation of the plan to inegrate the Somali militry.

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