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Somali government denies al-Shabaab stopped the construction of Mogadishu Stadium

Mogadishu(SD)-The Somali government has denied reports that al-Shabaab has blocked the construction and renovation of Mogadishu’s stadium in Warta Nabada district.

Mogadishu Stadium was visited this afternoon by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled (Khadar), accompanied by Minister of Youth and Sports Khadijo Mohamed Dirie, Minister of Information and Governor of Benadir region, and Deputy Security and Policy Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Tula.

The Minister of Information Mohamed Abdi Hayir said that the construction and renovation of Mogadishu’s stadium is under way and it is a lie that al-Shabaab could stop, and no one can stop the unstoppable.

He said the private media and the public is warned about the spread of fake news, and said they would also investigate the contractor’s company and inquire about the issue.

The officials, who have inspected the various parts of the stadium, have all denied reports that al-Shabaab had stopped rebuilding the stadium, saying the information was baseless.

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