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Protest rocks Hargeisa second day straight over Land acquisitions

Hargeisa October 09, 2023 (SD) -On the second consecutive day, there are ongoing protests in Hargeisa, which has led to tensions and clashes between the police and the protesters.

The clashes erupted after reports that the government had confiscated land in the Police District near the central market of Hargeisa to sell it to prominent businessmen.

The area earmarked for commercial development, which is home to many police officer families, was met with resistance as residents refused to vacate the location. It is reported that the government had planned to clear another area to provide housing and monetary compensation.

The protests against the government’s decision, have resulted in various casualties, including one death and injuries to at least two other individuals. Reports suggest that several police officers are among the arrested residents in the affected area following orders from the authorities.

The government’s decision to sell the land for commercial use has also drawn significant criticism from opposition parties in Somaliland.

The leader of the UCID Party, Faysal Ali Warabe, expressed concern over the government’s action and emphasized the need for a united front to defend Somaliland and to get ready for elections, adding that the timing was inappropriate for land disputes.

The government’s acquisition of the land, given its strategic location in the city, has led to protests and tensions, with residents resisting eviction and demanding compensation for the land taken.

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