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Protestors demand return of Military recruits taken to Eritrea for the second day in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – Demonstrations are taking place in Mogadishu for the second day in a row with parents demanding the return of Somali military trainees from Eritrea, following the allegation of fighting in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia.

Today’s protest was bigger than yesterday’s, taking place at the KM4 junction in Mogadishu and was attended by the parents of the missing trainees and other members of the public.

Protesters chanted slogans against federal government officials and others expressing their concerns, demanding the return of their offspring.

Concerns among parents have been heightened after the United Nations released a report indicating that Somali soldiers participated in the un northern Ethiopia conflict.

Somali politicians, especially those in the opposition, have spoken out strongly, declaring that the trainees have been “sold”. Adding that the outgoing leaders of the government, starting with the outgoing president should be held accountable.

There is no official statement from the federal government of Somalia on the situation of the youths, except for the information minister Mr. Dubbe telling local media in Mogadishu yesterday, that the soldiers are in Eritrea for training.

The Somali military trainees in Eritrea have been gone for two years, and concerns are growing about their situation, with some reportedly dying and others fleeing the training camps.

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