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PUNSAA: Puntland Leaders agree to Resolve Crises

Garowe (SD) – According to sources in Garowe, the regional state president and vice president have agreed to resolve their conflict in order to achieve a lasting solution.

The Chairman of the civil society umbrella organization in Puntland PUNSAA, Faisal Ahmed Warsame was reported holding separate meetings with Mr. Deni and Mr. Karash and consulted with them on ways to fix their differences.

Faisal said the two have asked to meet for a dialogue and to end the crisis, they have agreed to sit down and discuss their differences.

He also pointed out that as an umbrella they will resolve the matter, since both the President and the Vice-President accepted their mediation.

The dispute in Puntland’s regional administration has intensified in the last few days, and it’s over power sharing, as the Vice President feels he is marginalized.

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