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Puntland admits to having troops in Las Anod

The President of the Puntland government, Said Abdullahi Deni, speaking from Galkacyo, criticized the political organizations supporting the Kaah government and responded to the outgoing president of Somaliland about his recent speech on the situation in Las Anod.

In his speech in Galkacyo, President Deni stated for the first time that Puntland has troops in Sool and declared that they would not allow any further aggression from Somaliland.

Deni also accused the Somali Federal government of being in cahoots with Somaliland.

“Muse Biixi and Hassan Sheikh are involved in the Laascaanood violence. We have received threats against our administration at the same time from both of these administrations, and we are ready to defend ourselves,” said President Deni.

The Puntland President confirmed his administration has troops in Las Anod and that they will drive out Somaliland troops before election day, May 25, 2023.

Somaliland has long accused Puntland troops of being involved in the Las Anod unrest and will not remove their troops without Puntland doing so first.

Furthermore, President Deni criticized the Federal Government of Somalia and others for not respecting the Federal system of Somalia, and said they are now calling for the Puntland administration to cancel the upcoming one person one vote elections that the people of Puntland have been looking forward to.

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