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Kenya arrests ISIS recruits crossing into Somalia

Nairobi May 10, 2023 (SD) – According to the Kenyan government, Ayub Bwanaadi, aged 32, Mohammed Bwanaadi, aged 22, and their brother Kassim Ahmed, aged 29, were arrested for crossing into Somalia to join the militant group Daesh, which they had expressed a desire to join.

The Kenyan government released photos and names of the detainees, whom they said were captured in Isiolo County.

The detainees claimed to have traveled to Tanzania and then to Lungalunga before arriving in the Islii neighborhood of Nairobi, where they planned to be smuggled into Ethiopia before finally being taken to Somalia to join the Daesh group.

According to the Kenyan government, the suspects were primarily targeting Puntland, where there is a significant presence of Daesh, and are currently under thorough investigation.

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