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Puntland announces new slate of candidates for 16 seats in Bossaso

BOSSASO (SD) – The Puntland Electoral Commission announced the names of the 16 candidates running for the seats to be held in Bossaso.

Of the 32 candidates whose names have been released, 12 of whom are women, expected to window-dressing.

Bossaso elections will not be contested by prominent ministers and parliamentarians who have been in parliament for some time and now fell out of favor with their sub-clans.

HOP #169 seat previously held by Somalia’s Minister of Planning Jamal Mohamed Hassan, is now allocated to Ali Mahdi Mohamed Ali by the appropriate traditional leaders.

Hop #036 is previously held by Zakariye Mohamud Haji Abdi, but will now be contested by Mohamed Aden Diini & Faiso Jama Muse.

Hop #027 is held by the outgoing Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Said Hussein Eid, and will now be contested by Said Ali Muse and Abdulkadir Jama Hassan.

Hop #190 is held by former Somali Deputy Minister of Security Abdinasir Said Muse, and will be contested by Mohamed Abdulkadir Mohamed and Fathi Ali Salah Mohamud.

The elections that will take place on the 5th and 6th of March in Bossaso comes at a time when the conflict in Bossaso has been resolved.

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