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Puntland arrests Daish members in Bosaso

Bosaso (SD) – The Puntland Security Forces (PSF) in a planned operation arrested three members of Daish at house in Bossaso, the suspects were preparing explosives at time of their arrest.

In a statement, the PSF Command confirmed that in a planned operation yesterday in Bosaso, they’ve arrested three members of the Daish group, who were preparing explosions in houses in the city.

According to the PSF statement, the explosives consisted of landmines and suicide vests used by suicide bombers, but did not provide further details.

The PSF Command also said it would continue its planned operations against ISIS and al-Shabaab in the Bari region, to ensure security in Bossaso and throughout the region.

The terrorist groups whose members were picked up in the PSF raid didn’t yet comment on the matter, Bosaso has recently experienced more than its fair share of brazen attacks, mostly aimed at government officials and security personnel.

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