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Three more Puntland Ministers contract COVID-19

Garowe (SD) – The number of Coronavirus cases in Puntland’s cabinet has reached four, all of whom are on the committee coordinating the Qardho flood relief.

Only two of the ministers have officially announced that they have been diagnosed. There are also number of MPs who have been exposed to the virus and their names are not released.

Puntland’s Deputy Minister of Information Abdisalam Haji Said, became the second minister to confirm that he contracted covdi19, also confirming to local media, that there were four ministers among the confirmed or suspected cases.

The minister added that he had contracted the virus in Qardho, where most of the emergency flood committee members went.

The minister stated that he is now isolated in his home and is in good health. He also said all those closest to him were tested as well.

Puntland has confirmed 111 COVID-19 cases, four deaths and 3 recovery.

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