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Puntland bans security personnel for Somali election candidates

Garowe (SD) – Puntland authorities have banned candidates for Somalia’s Federal lower house of parliament from using military vehicles and special guards while campaigning in Puntland.

The use of military vehicles and personal guards were also banned by Puntland authorities.

“In light of the ongoing commitment of the Puntland Government to strengthen security, taking into account the campaign situation for the Federal Parliamentary and local government elections in Eyl, Ufayn and Qardho districts. The Ministry of Security and DDR in Puntland informs candidates that they may not use military vehicles or bodyguards, ”said an order letter from the office of the Puntland Minister of Security.

The Puntland Ministry of Security, which issued the order, said anyone who needs protection for special reasons should contact the Puntland Police Chief.

“Anyone who needs special protection should contact the Puntland Police Commissioner. All security agencies are instructed to carry out these orders and carry out their duties. ” said the Puntland Minister of Security.

Puntland issued the statement, as Somali Minister of Planning Jamal Mohamed Hassan traveling from Dhahar district was denied entry to Garowe this afternoon with his private security guards and military vehicles.

The Puntland administration previously accused the federal government’s planning minister of organizing a public uprising, following widespread reports that people were welcomed at Garowe airport.

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